Toyota Aygo X Prologue Unveiled

Toyota recently unveiled the new Toyota Aygo X Prologue. The concept model aims to showcase Toyota’s vision for the future of its compact models, offering a modern and totally unique design.

Put simply, the concept looks like no other compact city car, combining the classic compact Aygo dimensions with a crossover body and high driving position. Whether navigating city streets or exploring further afield, the Aygo X Prologue exudes confidence round every turn.

Designed by a dedicated team at Toyota’s European Design Headquarters in France, the aim was to create a model for urban dwellers who still want to have fun behind the wheel and drive a car that not only looks distinctive but feels unique too.

The designers have fulfilled the brief and then some, offering a striking bi-tone design that looks intriguing from every angle, combined with sharp LED headlights that draw the eye across the bonnet and to the large, determined grille. Its sculpted roofline and side panels complement the eye-catching wheels to complete its modern, go-anywhere look. For extra practicality, the model features an integrated bicycle-holder mount and door mirror-mounted action camera to ensure adventure is never too far away and can be captured in all its glory.

This thoroughly fun concept has been created to reinvent how drivers think about and enjoy urban driving.

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